CAFA 2020

CAFA 2020 Training Conference

Automatic Item Generation: Building Blocks for Digitizing Cognitive Ability Assessment (May 28~29, Maryland or Online)

CAFA Lab, Inc. invites you to the 2020 CAFA Training Conference. This 2-day Automatic Item Generation training is built around the theme of Nonverbal Cognitive Ability Assessment.


Automatic Item Generation (AIG) is an emerging assessment tool in which cognitive and psychometric theories are integrated together for the purpose of developing massive and high-quality assessments using digital technologies. Despite the tremendous content area and application potential of AIG, however, there is still a shortage of professional development resources and opportunities for implementing AIG in practice. To help facilitate access to this revolutionary technology, CAFA Lab, Inc. proudly presents a 2-day training conference specifically designed for in-service assessment professionals (item writers, psychometricians, assessment application developers) who wish to learn the background, benefits, innovations, and practical applications of AIG.

Target Audience

This conference is specifically built around the theme of Nonverbal Cognitive Ability Assessment. Professionals who are directly involved in developing and/or managing cognitive ability assessments (e.g., tests of quantitative/spatial reasoning, memory, concentration, processing speed) may find this workshop extremely useful as a way to expand their present understanding of assessment development with AIG, especially with technologically-enhanced and innovative item types using the CAFA AIG system for both clinical and educational settings.

During the conference, participants will have access to the CAFA AIG system for various computerized item modeling hands-on exercises to gain practical experience. It is assumed that participants have a sound understanding of basic concepts of educational or psychological measurement, such as reliability, validity, test security, and the item development/validation process.


Dr. Jaehwa Choi is an inventor of the CAFA AIG system and an associate professor and director of Assessment, Testing, and Measurement program at the George Washington University. Over the last decade, he has conducted various AIG research and development projects with leading institutes. He also has provided various AIG training on the concept and utilities of AIG for digital assessments. At the conference, he will be responsible for training in the fundamentals of AIG and the development of basic item models with parameterized texts, numbers, and graphs. Visit for more information about Dr. Choi.

Dr. Kyongil Yoon is an inventor of the CAFA AIG system and an associate professor of Computer Science at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Over the last decade, he has developed various computerized item models in the fields of mathematics, science, statistics, and cognition. He also has provided AIG training to help leading institutes build advanced item models. At the conference, he will be responsible for training in the development of advanced item models with parameterized figures, graphs, and sounds to measure cognitive abilities in digital environments. Visit for more information about Dr. Yoon.

Registration Fees

  • Onsite: $1,500 (Discounted early bird rate $1,300 available until April 30, 2020)
  • Online: $700
  • Attendees can receive refunds registration fees (less $150 cancellation fee) up to 10 days before the event start date.
  • By registering the conference, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our cancellation policy
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Registration Fees Include

  • CAFA AIG Yearly Subscription Personal Version ($600 value)
  • Two days of training
  • Training materials (electronic copies for online participants)
  • Daily breakfast and lunch (onsite participants only)
  • Conference goodie bag (onsite participants only)

Conference Itinerary Day 1 (May 28, Thursday; Instructor: Dr. Choi)

  • 08:30 ~ 09:00 | Refreshments
  • 09:00 ~ 09:30 | Opening Remarks
  • 09:30 ~ 10:30 | Introduction to AIG
  • 10:30 ~ 10:45 | Break
  • 10:45 ~ 12:15 | CAFA AIG System
  • 12:15 ~ 13:15 | Lunch
  • 13:15 ~ 14:45 | Item Modeling Practice: Parameterized Words and Numbers
  • 14:45 ~ 15:00 | Break
  • 15:00 ~ 16:30 |Item Modeling Practice: Parameterized Figure and Diagram

Conference Itinerary Day 2 (May 29, Friday; Instructor: Dr. Yoon)

  • 08:30 ~ 09:00 | Refreshments
  • 09:00 ~ 10:30 | Item Modeling Practice: Figure Classification Items
  • 10:30 ~ 10:45 | Break
  • 10:45 ~ 12:15 | Item Modeling Practice: Figure Pattern (aka. Raven’s Matrices Type) Items
  • 12:15 ~ 13:15 | Lunch
  • 13:15 ~ 14:45 | Item Modeling Practice: Spatial Reasoning (e.g., Folding and Punching Type) Items
  • 14:45 ~ 15:00 | Break
  • 15:00 ~ 16:00 | Item Modeling Practice: Quantitative Reasoning Items
  • 16:00 ~16:30 | Closing Remarks

Programming item models was challenging and was a significant shift in how items are typically developed; however, the trainers made navigating the process accessible to all participants. Overall, the workshop was a success. Thank you, Dr Choi and Dr Yoon!
Dr Gerald Wang, Senior Research Specialist, Ministry of Education, Singapore

When I first saw CAFA AIG pour out the non-verbal items with splendid quality visual components, I immediately felt that this system would be the lethal weapon of my MOCA(Measure Of Cognitive Ability) project. These items also showed flawless performance in the K12 field studies without any glitch and have played decisive role in the success of the project so far. Great job, CAFA team!
Dr Ji Hoon Ryoo, Professor and Director of of Biostatistics Core, University of Southern California

Attendee Information

Attendees should bring a laptop (Mac or Window with the latest version web browser). WiFi connection will be available at the training site.

Hotel Accommodation


Conference Hotel (Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel) parking for standard vehicles is complimentary.  Bus and other large vehicle parking must be arranged in advance and a fee may be incurred.

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Dr. Sunhee Kim,

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